Humans are the most populous and powerful intelligent species in the Known World. They are anatomically identical to Earth-born humans, though the humans of the Known World possess far less genetic diversity.

Even still, there are a number of human races which possess different skin, hair, and eye colors, as well as sometimes possessing different skeletal and facial structures. The most populous race of humans in 638 FF are the Pythians. Pythians are a fair-to-olive-skinned, dark haired race which chiefly inhabits the Solisian coast, in particular the northeastern corner, of Kaht.

Aside from the Pythians, the most populous group of humans are the Sidonians. Sidonians are fair-skinned, with light, brown hair, and live in the southern reaches of Kaht and the Carysian League of Athene.

In Athene, humans typically belong to the loose group of boreal ethnic groups known as the Vangrfalk, which are further broken down into nationalities. Vangrfalk have very light hair, blonde, red, and sometimes even silver in color, as well as piercingly blue eyes and sharp features.

Humans dominate the geopolitical situation of the Known World, and control and populate the vast majority of nations. They have a wide diversity of attitudes, beliefs, and ideologies.


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